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Worried about a tax audit? Now more than ever there is cause for concern. After years of stagnation, in 2019 the IRS went on a hiring spree and threw millions of dollars into tax collection efforts. Thus, more Americans than ever may be subject to unwanted attention from the Internal Revenue Service.

We Help People Hit With Chicago Tax Audits

My name is Andrew Gordon, and my law firm defends people and businesses  hit with tax audits. Every day, I’m on the firing line between IRS and taxpayers. Our team helps people just like you prove that their returns are accurate and truthful. And when people aren’t truthful, we help them repair any damage done and make amends.

Two Tax Audit Flags We’ve Noticed For 2018 And 2019

  1. The IRS audited more than 1.0 million Americans last year, a decrease from a decade ago. However more audits are expected as the administration plans to spend $11.5 billion in tax initiatives in 2019, with an increase of $362 million for enforcement.[1]
  2. Being meticulous with your tax return may seem obvious, but many people aren’t careful enough and we continuously see that in tax audit defense cases. With the IRS seeking to collect every penny it can this year, you could end up paying for even the smallest mistakes. If you need help with an IRS tax audit issue, get in touch today. We’ll review your situation and explore available remedies.

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