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A Tax Debt Attorney You Can Trust

If you need help with tax debt, IRS penalty abatement, installment agreements, innocent spouse relief, or an Offer in Compromise, make sure you choose a local tax attorney with an excellent reputation. Many companies out there promise to help you with tax debt relief, but they don’t tell you the full story.

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John Nagle, Senior Tax Attorney

"I was so worried about taxes I owed. They were able to help me with a comfortable repayment plan and I can now sleep at night. Deep sigh. Thank you John!!!"

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“I had a severe IRS tax audit. Stressful and totally lost on what to do. They took over EVERYTHING. Every call and email was returned promptly. My problem was taken care of quickly and with very little financial debt to the IRS.”

Ryan Stegenga, Associate Tax Attorney

IRS and Illinois Tax Audit Lawyers

Few things are as frightening as receiving notice of an audit, but a Chicago tax attorney can help! For years, we’ve been representing tax clients before the IRS, United States Tax Court, and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Here are a few of the ways an experienced tax audit lawyer can help:

  • We’ll make every phone call, write every letter, and go to every meeting. In most cases, our clients have zero direct contact with the IRS!
  • Since we know what the auditor is looking for, we can limit the scope of the examination to prevent issues and minimize the resulting tax bill.
  • As tax lawyers (rather than tax preparers or even CPAs), we provide the highest level of client confidentiality and have the ability to appeal audit results up to the highest levels.

Our goal is to make the tax audit process as quick and easy as possible while reducing your tax liability. In some cases, an audit can even result in a tax refund!

We give every case the personal attention it deserves, and guarantee that you’ll work with an experienced tax attorney every step of the way. If you’re looking for a Chicago tax lawyer with experience you can trust, look no further than Gordon Law Group.

Benefits of an Illinois Tax Attorney

As Illinois tax attorneys, we have extensive experience dealing with state and local tax issues, including Illinois income tax audits, sales and use tax audits, Illinois tax debt collections, and tax appeals within the state.

The Illinois Department of Revenue is just as ruthless as the IRS when it comes to collecting taxes, but it has its own set of rules–not to mention a complex web of local tax regulations that business owners need to deal with. An attorney in the state can help you navigate the specific hurdles that come with Illinois tax laws. Plus, our convenient location in Chicago means you can sit down with your attorney one-on-one, which is important to many of our clients.

If you’re wondering about tax obligations for businesses in Chicago and Illinois, or if the state is knocking on your door, call an Illinois tax attorney to guide you through.

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