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There are many people just like you, who have negligently or intentionally falsified information on their income tax returns. Every one of them has this one thing in common: they are in trouble with the IRS and looking for experienced, caring, professional help. Reading below you will learn how the IRS ferrets out fraudulent returns and you will learn what can be done about it to protect yourself.

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We start with the Internal Revenue Manual. The Internal Revenue Manual is the official “Bible” of the IRS tax auditor. Usually the tax auditor is a Revenue Officer – highly skilled, highly trained accountants and CPAs who know how to spot serious problems which the ordinary examiner might pass over. When it comes to tax fraud, the Internal Revenue Manual provides examiners with information and techniques designed to assist the auditor in detecting and recognizing indicators of tax fraud reflected on a return. (IRM

Most often the Revenue Officers find themselves reviewing situations where the taxpayer has omitted or understated taxable income. While this is not very creative it too often is the notion that comes into the mind of the taxpayer who has decided to cheat. Unfortunately for this group of people, the discovery of this kind of fraud is not at all difficult.

The Internal Revenue Manual provides examiners with a laundry-list of the most common badges of fraud.

IRS Indicators Of Tax Fraud

Listed below are examples of fraud indicators. The following lists are not all-inclusive and are only indicative of the types of actions taxpayers may take to deceive or defraud.

Indicators of Fraud – Income

Indicators of Fraud – Expenses or Deductions

Indicators of Fraud – Books and Records

Indicators of Fraud – Allocations of Income

Indicators of Fraud – Conduct of Taxpayer

Indicators of Fraud – Methods of Concealment

We have found that while one or two of these indicators of fraud won’t automatically mean the taxpayer will be charged with a crime, the presence of these indicators will mean that the return will be probed much more thoroughly than otherwise. Here’s how the IRS works in such cases. Let’s say an indicator of fraud has been found. The agent then meets with his or her group manager and they together confer with a “fraud coordinator” about the likelihood of fraud in the return. If the agent discovers a firm indication of fraud during the course of an audit, the examiner is required to immediately suspend the audit without disclosing the reason for the termination to the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s representative.

Now a discussion ensues among the threesome to determine whether a criminal referral is appropriate. If the conclusion is reached that a criminal referral should be made, a Form 2797 will issue and it will enable the Criminal Investigation Division to determine the criminal potential of the case. This sudden suspension of an audit is reason enough to immediately contact Andrew Gordon, Tax Fraud Defence Lawyer, and tell him about your situation.

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Likewise, if you get an audit letter and you know that you have committed fraud then you need a lawyer to help you at the very beginning and all the way through.

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“You literally saved my life,” said one man for whom a prison sentence would have meant certain death. “I wouldn’t have seen my children again for 25 years,” said another man whose charges were extremely serious. “Thank you for saving my business,” countless other clients have said, happy to retain their businesses and business interests after their cases were resolved. “I would have lost my job and maybe my family if I couldn’t continue in my work,” said one woman.

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