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Dealing with a sales tax audit from the state of Illinois can be expensive, frustrating, and disruptive to your business if you try to handle it on your own. The auditor’s job is to ferret out more tax revenue for the state—and they have several tricks up their sleeves to get as much revenue as possible from your business.

With a skilled sales tax audit lawyer on your side, you can protect your business and your hard-earned assets.

How Our Sales Tax Audit Attorneys Can Help:

Minimizing Your Tax Liability

When it comes to Illinois sales tax audits, any tax owed is only the tip of the iceberg. The Illinois Department of Revenue can also tack on hefty penalties for things like underpayment, late filing, negligence (which could be assessed for not keeping proper records, for example), or even fraud. These penalties often make up the bulk of tax debt resulting from a sales and use tax audit.

Our sales tax audit lawyers can fight to remove penalties before they’re officially assessed, saving you a great deal of time and money. We can also represent you in an appeal or an Illinois Tax Tribunal case if you want to dispute your results once the audit is closed.

Shielding You from Audit Examiners

Another key way that we can make the audit process less of a headache is by conducting the audit in our Chicago office, rather than your place of business (as the auditor will often ask to do). Allowing the auditor into your workplace not only disrupts your business, but also allows the auditor to fish for more potential tax and penalties. Instead, we make them come to us.

We keep the sales tax audit away from your workplace and can often eliminate all contact between you and the auditor!

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Nipping Audits in the Bud

Finally, if you’re not careful, an Illinois sales tax audit could lead to a civil or criminal tax investigation. For example, if you collected sales tax from your customers but didn’t remit those taxes to the state, that may be considered a form of theft against the state of Illinois and could lead to jail in certain circumstances. As Illinois tax attorneys practicing civil and criminal tax defense, we know exactly which pitfalls to avoid and how to protect you throughout the audit process.

We fight to limit the scope of your audit, stop the case from escalating, and complete the process quickly so you can get back to your life.

Skilled & Experienced Sales Tax Attorneys in Chicago

Sales and use taxes are extremely complex, and not all tax professionals know the ins and outs of these laws—but the attorneys at Gordon Law Group have years of experience dealing with Illinois sales taxes.

Illinois audit examiners are trained to root out any tax mistakes and make you pay dearly for them. You need a professional on your side with a deep understanding of sales tax law, so you can outmaneuver them and minimize your tax liability.

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Tax Attorneys Offer Maximum Protection

Unlike a standard accountant (Enrolled Agent or Certified Public Accountant), we offer attorney-client privilege, ensuring that what you say remains confidential—even if the audit escalates into a civil or criminal investigation.

Even well-meaning taxpayers who don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong can risk saying something to an audit examiner that causes the matter to escalate. We’ve seen it happen many times! That’s why we guarantee that you’ll work with an experienced, highly qualified sales tax audit lawyer every step of the way, and minimize your contact with the auditor as much as possible.

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As you can see, sales tax issues are complex and there are countless government requirements for businesses to meet if they are to remain in good standing with the taxing authority. If you are facing an Illinois sales tax audit, a use tax audit, or otherwise find your business in sales tax trouble, please contact us immediately to speak with a knowledgeable state tax attorney.

Contact us immediately to speak with a knowledgeable state tax attorney.


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