Tax Preparation

As tax lawyers and CPAs, we know all the tricks to legally reduce tax liability for individuals and business owners. We regularly save our clients thousands of dollars (or more) on their taxes. Have unfiled tax returns? We can help with that, too!

Experienced Chicago tax professionals

Our tax professionals are based in Chicago, but we serve clients throughout the Midwest and the United States. Our team has decades of experience helping people like you save on their taxes!

3 easy steps to save on taxes

  1. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your confidential consultation with an experienced tax attorney
  2. Learn the best tax-saving strategies for your unique situation
  3. Leave the paperwork to us! We’ll make sure your tax returns are filed on time with maximum savings (and, as experienced audit attorneys, we ensure your returns will hold up in the event of an investigation)

Tax preparation and savings for business owners

Tax returns for business owners can get complicated. Mistakes calculating your income tax, sales and use tax, and business deductions could leave you with crippling tax debt

Why deal with the headache yourself when you could put your tax returns on autopilot? With the help of an experienced tax attorney and CPA, you can stop worrying about your taxes and get back to doing what you love.

Give us a call to see how we can save you money on business and personal tax returns—and protect you in the event of an audit!

Tax preparation for freelancers and self-employed individuals

If you’re a freelance employee or self-employed, you may be overpaying your taxes by thousands of dollars. We’ll hunt down every possible deduction to maximize your tax savings. We can even help you form a business entity for additional savings and protection from liability.

Certain business structures (such as an S-Corp or LLC) can protect you business debts or lawsuits while allowing you to take advantage of pass-through taxation. Often, this can significantly reduce your tax bill.

Plus, many freelancers are required to file and pay their taxes quarterly to avoid penalties. We can put this process on autopilot so you never have to worry about paying your taxes on time!

Complex tax preparation: Offshore taxes, cryptocurrency, and more

In addition to standard tax return preparation, our firm is highly experienced with complex tax situations that leave most CPAs stumped. Gordon Law Group is a leading tax firm for offshore disclosures, reporting cryptocurrency taxes, and ecommerce taxes. We know how to keep you compliant and leverage maximum savings in each of these situations.

We offer bookkeeping services, too!

Good bookkeeping is the key to easy tax return preparation and maximum savings. Gordon Law Group is one of the few law firms that offers a full accounting service, as well. Bundling your bookkeeping, tax returns, and legal business needs makes running your company smooth and simple!

Contact our experienced attorneys to learn more about how we can serve your business.