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What Triggers a Tax Audit?

Imagine for a second that you’ve just received a letter from the IRS and they tell you that you’re being audited. Scary, right? It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. If you’re wondering who gets audited by the IRS, we’ve assembled this list of common tax audit triggers.

Understanding the eBay 1099-K

Did you receive Form 1099-K from eBay? Here’s what you need to do for your tax return. Contact our Chicago tax lawyers for tax help!

How to Create an LLC in Illinois

Learn how to create an LLC in Illinois with these 5 easy steps! Our Chicago tax lawyers help business owners like you save on taxes.

Hysterical Tax Excuses: Could They Work For You?

Hysterical Tax Excuses: Could They Work For You? February 3, 2020 Tax authorities in the United Kingdom recently compiled a list of “weird and wonderful” tax excuses and deduction attempts from years past. Would any of these fly in Chicago? Let’s take a look. Tax Excuses “My Mother-In-Law Is A Witch And Cursed Me” A new twist […]