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Ignoring tax problems could ultimately lead to a tax levy notice from the IRS. A skilled tax levy attorney can help you understand and exercise your rights.

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Have You Received a Notice of Intent to Levy?

If notices about unpaid tax debt go unanswered, the IRS can levy your bank accounts and other property in an attempt to recoup what they believe you owe.

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Skilled Tax Levy Representation

Nobody wants to receive notice that the IRS plans to seize their real estate or bank accounts. This worst-case scenario can be emotionally taxing, stressful, and embarrassing. You have rights if you receive this type of notice. Hiring an experienced attorney who understands tax levies and knows how to fight for taxpayers’ rights can help you get through the process with dignity.

The experienced Chicago-based attorneys at Gordon Law Group represent clients across the country who are facing IRS tax levies, as well as tax levies issued by the Illinois Department of Revenue. We will advocate for you, fighting for the best possible outcome.

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If You Need Help, Get A Consultation

You May Qualify for a Settlement or Have Your Levy Released

The IRS will generally make several attempts to work with you if their records show you are behind on your taxes. If they do not receive payment from you and if you do not request an installment payment plan or otherwise indicate that you intend to pay your tax debt, they will issue an IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy.

If you receive this notice, you still have rights. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney with experience handling tax levies can help you resolve the matter. Your attorney can represent you in an appeal and a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing. However, understand that you only have a limited time after receiving the IRS notice to appeal it, so it’s critical to act quickly.

If the IRS has already placed a levy on your assets, your attorney may still be able to help you fight it or lift it. In some cases, taxpayers qualify for a hardship exemption. In other cases, innocent spouse protections may protect you from being responsible for your spouse’s or former spouse’s tax debt.

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If you receive an IRS Notice CP90 and do nothing, the IRS will take action to implement the levy, placing tax liens on your personal and business assets and garnishing your wages, state tax refunds, and Social Security benefits. There can be consequences beyond the tax levy on your income and assets as well, and seriously delinquent tax debt can be grounds for denial or revocation of your U.S. passport.

Choosing the tax professionals and attorneys at Gordon Law Group to represent you means you’ll have someone in your corner who understands IRS rules and processes. Our team will work within that framework to protect your assets.

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